Saturday’s Call The Unstoppable Family, Hippie Jedi, Chocolate Man and George Brier came together to lay out our vision and foundation for ending 2013 and setting the foundation for 2014.

We are committed to our success and to yours…we are looking for committed team members that put their hand up, step up and say I WANT IT and take action and generate minimum of $100k in the next 12 months

Here is the offer to those that take action and join the ALL IN PROGRAM


  • Licensing Rights To Our Personal Sales Funnels and Story
  • Recorded FaceBook Training from Jubril on exactly how we market on FB
  • Monthly ALL IN calls with Us & Justin  ( +special guests)
  • Private FB group with ALL IN members to interact, mastermind and ask questions
  • Private Skype Group for ALL IN members for important updates and communication with us directly
  • Private ALL IN Jedi Alliance Skype Group for a more intimate community


( this is a 1 time offer for items below)

**** $1488.11 given to you once you make your 1st pass up for Masters from our profit  

**** LIVE Facebook Marketing coaching with Jubril, myself and Justin  ( next LIVE call is Dec 14th)

**** 1 Hour / Week Personal Coaching for 2 month to Fast Track you to success

When these spots are filled we will close the offer.

( please email us when you have place order)

We are committed to your success if you are!

It’s time to set a goal for your year end….and allow nothing to get in your way of achieving it!

Love & Light,

Jin, Brian & Rhonda, Justin, Jubril

If you haven't already, Access Basic Training #1 Here before moving forward.


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Domain Mapping Tutorial


Access to Audio Archives - Getting on Justin's TEAM Email List (bottom of site)

Subscribe and Follow these Leaders

**Note** You may want a new Email for your business. By subscribing, you will get to see what kind of emails they’re sending out to their list, which could be used as a template for your own emails.

Justin Verrengia - Subscribe to His Email List HereFacebook Page

George Briere - Subscribe to His Email List Here,  Facebook Page

Rhonda & Brian Swan - Subscribe to Their Email List Here,  Facebook Page

Jin Hua - Subscribe to His Email List Here, Facebook Page


Important Calls to Attend

Team Love & Light Calls
Every Thursday Night @8pm Eastern (New York Time)

LIVE Call-in Number: (559) 546-1880
Access Code: 386725#

REPLAY Call-in Number: (559) 546-1889
Access Code: 386725#
Audio-Archive (stream online):

Empower Network Weekly Calls

Every Monday at 9 pm Eastern (New York Time)

LIVE Call-in Number: 1-209-255-1040
No access code needed

Mindset Training with Paul Hutchings

Monday-Friday starting at 9:00 AM Eastern (New York Time)

LIVE Call-In Number:
(712) 432-0900, Access Code: 565762#

REPLAY Call-In Number:
(712) 432-0990, Access Code: 565762#

[Thanks Hank for this Training! He's a great friend and a Love & Light Team Member]

This is a quick overview of the Empower Network Back Office.

I suggest you play with it. In the following videos you will learn about blog customization, setting up your auto responder, and sending out e-mails to your list.

Here is some terminology you should get familiar with.

1. Back Office - This is where you are now, it's your Empower Network Activity feed and all pages that it links to. In the back office you can view your team, see account information, blog and watch your training videos. You can also buy all the products (Getting All-In is a key to success here at Empower Network). You must position yourself for all the wealth there is if you want make money fast.

2. Blog - This along with your Lead Capture Page is where you want to direct all your traffic. Your blog is used to build relationships, write out your thoughts, and to provide training for your team. One word of advice is to be yourself and to speak fro the heart. If you want to know how to drive traffic buy the 15k fomula.

3. Lead Capture Page - This is your sales page, there are several of them available to you here in your back office. It is the same page where you entered your e-mail. Again your ultimate goal is to get this page in front of as many people as you can. The 15k formula teaches you the best way to do this.

4. Lead/Subscriber - These are your prospects, after a person enters their e-mail into the form on your caprture page or gives it to you through Social Media or directly, they then become a lead or subscriber on your auto responder list. 

5. Auto Responder - This is e-mail marketing software where your list of leads is stored in conjunction with your back office. Its from this software that you broadcast your blog, videos, and e-mails to your list. It is used to build relationships and convert your subscribers into sales. I suggest you purchase the 15k formula and Masters Course for direct response or e-mail marketing tactics as well as to refine your skills as a copywriter.

6. E-mail Swipe - This is essentially a copy of an e-mail from a leader or another member of Empower Network that you customize to your own liking, and personalize then broadcast or send out to your list. I suggest subscribing to several list of leaders and start reading others e-mails who have success to get better copywriting skills along with the strategies you learn when you purchase and study all the products.

7. Traffic - This is the life blood of your business. Think of traffic in the same respect that you think of people who walk into a normal brick and mortar business. The more eyes that see your product the more leads and in turn sales. Which brings me to the fundamentals of Marketing. 

8. The Three C's - This is really the three things you should be focusing your attention on. The three C's are as follows - 

  1. Create Traffic - Get people to your sales page.

  2. Capture leads - Get those people to enter their e-mail into your sales page.

  3. Convert Sales - Get your leads or subscribers to convert to sales.

9. Syndication - This is the process of spreading your blog and video links or content across the web or internet. There ae several ways to achieve this which are covered in the products like the 15k. 

10. Content - Content is any piece of entertainment or information that you have created such as a blog, video, or audio. There are several other forms of content we will get into later. For now keep it simple. 

11. Social Media - This is essentially any social communtiy online such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, or YouTube. My advice in the begining is to start accounts on each of these and to focus on two of them. Laser focus is key, but we will talk more of that later. 

12. SEO - This Stands for Search Engine Optimization. You are going to here this term a lot, my advice. FORGET ABOUT IT. Unless you are very technically inclined and have the resources of time and money and extreme patience I wouldn't dive into this to early on. On the other hand if you do have time and money and are not fond of social interaction this may be the route for you. But I warn you in advance this is a monster that takes a lot of time, patience, learning, and resources of every kind. 

13. Engage - This is the art of interacting with others online, engagement can be achieved in one of two ways. By direct or Social engagement, or by indirect or content engagement. Of course both are direct in a sense but one is more personal and real time I.E. a Facebook chat, phone call, or conversation. 

14. Value - I can't stress enough about the importance of providing value at all times. People now a days often put up crap content plain and simple. I highly suggest that you put the purpose of adding incease and value into everything you do. This can be a personal message on Facebook, a blog, or a video. This is the key to success in anything you do. 

15. 8 Core Commitments - These 8 Fundamental rules are the back bone of Empower Network. These are the daily steps that you take in order to change your life and become Empowered. They have been proven in the truest sense of the word. THEY WORK.

The 8 Core Commitments are as Follows

1. Set Up Your Affiliate Account - I'm going to takle it a step further and say GET ALL IN. The quickest way to success here is owning all the products to position yourself for the greatest accumulation of wealth. And then to study the products and implement what you learn through them. 

2. Read Daily - This is a key step in the process of reprograming your mind for success. Read at least 30 mins daily seven days a week if you want fast results. Read books like Thnk And grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, Psycho Cybernetics, Secrets of a Millionaire Mind, and the Four Hour Work Week. 

3. Listen To Audios Daily - This is another part of  retraining the mind for success. First make sure you have our Inner Circle Audios, these are designed to create success specifically with Empower Network. After that listen to Tony Robbins, Zig Zigular, Jim Rohn and others of the same nature.

4.  Blog Daily - Everyday you need to blog, blog about interest, hobbies, current events, or your life. In the beginning content is very important. And remember to provide value. 

5. Market Daily - This is the spreading and syndciation of your blog or videos. Or basically the process of Getting Traffic to your capture pages. This needs to be done everyday if you want to make money. Learn how to do this by using the strategies found in the products. 

6. New Member Coaching - You will have to coach new sign ups on the process of getting started. Basically get them to all of this training, and the training developed by the company. Also cultivate and build trust and relationships as well as be the center pillar of support for your team. 

7. Listen to Empower Hour Calls - Every Monday at 9pm eastern is the time to dial into the Empower Hour and learn the strategies and secrets of the leaders. The phone number you will need to dial into is (209) 255 - 1040 - this is a United States number.

8. Attend all the events - These are the life blood of the company. At these events you will build relationships and have the breakthroughs needed to take your business to the next leve. No Excuses, make it happen. Trust me after one of these events you will understand. 

All of this is the basics and essentials of Internet Marketing and Empower Network. Make sure to get familiar with all of it. And remember when it comes to minor technical knowledge and support, YouTube and Google  are your best friends. Take care and it's great to have on the team.

**UPDATE!!**  I also figured out how to fix broken links from post too, super simple. Just add word /blog/ after username, for example broken url is and is the fixed link


This video is SPECIFICALLY for those who had the PREVIOUS Empower Network blogging system, and realized that some of their links aren't working.

In short, the static "pages" don't work anymore... but the blog "posts" should still work. So we have to fix the actual Links of the pages =) That's what I cover in this video. 

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